Standard qPCR

We provide acess to a QuantStudio 6 and two 7900HT Fast qPCR instruments.


In addition, 96-w and 384-w assembly can be performed on our automated Hamilton station.


In order to use the Hamilton liquid handling platform, you have to be trained. Training is performed with your own samples. Please contact us to arrange a schedule, and please read our user manual in advance.

This excel file will guide you for determing how to prepare the different mixes according to the number of genes/assays and samples/templates. These excel list of genes and templates are also required.

To use our QuantStudio 6 instrument, follow this procedure.

To use our 7900HT instruments, follow this procedure.


The cost for the use of the Hamilton robot is  35.- CHF /30 minutes. All plasticware is included. Half an hour is enough to prepare a full 384-wells plate.

The cost for a qPCR machine is 7 CHF /hour. Two hours are needed to run a plate in standard conditions.

qPCR data analysis

Commercial softwares for data analysis (including normalization)

Here you’ll find 2 softwares that include the whole data analysis process for qPCR (for SDS and biomark results):

These are also helpful for selecting the optimal normalizer gene in your experiment. For more information, please contact us.